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Simple notion invoice template, If you are a freelancer or own a home-based business, having an invoice template is a must. Invoices help you to organize your workflow and keep a tab on your earnings as well. If you present your invoice to your clients for payment, it shows your professionalism.

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A service invoice essentially records the transaction between the client and the service provider. Invoice details include the name of the company, address, bank details, contact details like e-mail addresses and telephone/facsimile number. Service invoice templates should include the details of the service provider as well as the details of the client. It is important that you find a template that is easy to use and simple enough to include all of the information you need. For example, you should be able to date and number your invoices in a sequential order. The template should allow you to include details about the service, depending on the way that the cost is calculated, such as an hourly rate or weekly rate. The template should also afford you the option of adding in any tax as required and the option for any possible deductions or discounts for payment up front, for example

To create receipts and invoices quickly, a free template is available. In minutes, you can print receipts and send invoices. Through these invoice templates, you are capable of selecting clients, scrutinize over various products, define taxes, distinguish discounts, and itemize payment terms. It’s a great tool for beginners in trade billing. Lastly, it is also highly customized since it is Microsoft Excel based.

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